A funny thing happened on the way to Tennessee

November 30, 2011

Last Saturday morning, like real bands often do, we packed up a touring van and the five of us headed north about 4 hours to do some gigging in the Smokies.  Sign of the times, we got to cutting up and laughing at various YouTube videos we found funny, so smartphone by smartphone, governed by “hey, have you seen _______?”, we took turns plugging our phones into the  stereo and playing various video selections.   Thought we’d share them with you.

Warning…5 guys in a van with 4 hours to kill ain’t exactly material for a Disney family feature (doesn’t exactly bring out the best in a fella, if you know what I mean) but we had a helluva good time cackling like a bunch 12 year olds at a slumber party…’specially on the way home. The following represents the top 5 video selections.  See if you can guess which video matches which band member.

Selection #1: The Honey Badger….figure we’d start with one that most everybody has seen. And if you haven’t, well…

Selection#2: Guy on a Buffalo…and be sure to enjoy all 4 episodes

Selection #4:  Charlie the Unicorn…..Charrrrrllleeeeeee

Selection#4: Old Gregg

Selection #5: Louis CK…Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy?



  1. Any way to subscribe?

  2. Hi Gwen! We don’t have a subscription set up, but anything we do here we post an update on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!!

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