How southern boys “brunch”

February 14, 2012

I always felt a little outta place at a brunch. Poached eggs with some schmancy sauce and a pat of paprika. Nah, Southern boys don’t brunch. We scarf sausage biscuits and slam black coffee in styrofoam cups. Private schooled Saab-driving townies with names like “Carter” and “Stacy”…they brunch.

But my friend Beau Nolan freed me. Y’see, Beau runs Big Tex Cantina in Decatur. Beau hired us a couple of Sundays ago to play his “Barbecue Brunch” on Sunday afternoon. He taught me you could have barbecue, brunch, AND bluegrass, that its kinda like 3-part harmony. He taught me that brunch is of my own making. He serves these killer plates of real food with a Tex-mex flair. He told me there was cold beer and bloodies to be had. Pretty ladies, and handsome gents, too. We had great musicians like Uncle Nelly and Jeff Moore sit in with us, and the vibe was fantastic! Count me among the converted! Oh we’re brunchin’ now! Thank you, Beau!

We’re doin’ it again this Sunday, February 19th from 1PM to 5PM, and I for one cannot wait! Y’all come too.

Big Tex Cantina is located at 308 West Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030-2435. (404) 377-3939. Brunch starts at 10a, and the DejaBlue Grass Band starts at 1PM


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