How to have Peace and Love, past and present.

April 13, 2012

How to have Peace and Love with your past: I peered into my past via an email I received today whose address line was full of names from my college days. It was to inform us about an icon from that era who passed away recently, a gentlemen named Geno, who cooked and cleaned around the frat house.  It briefly brought me back to that place.  In our frat house there was a fairly wide schism between the serape sporting neo-hippies and  “stars & bars” good ol’ boys and I cast my lot among the neo-hips.  Periodically throughout the day today I watched names from one past faction or the other ping my iPad with the “reply-all” chimes reminiscing on those daze of yore.   I wondered if they took time to reflect as I did.   I wondered if they gave a second thought to my name on that list, as I had theirs.   But those days and those people are gone. Events can live in the past, but people can only live in the present, because being can only live in the present.    I’m often blessed to re-experience this epiphany…. I remember that guy, that kid who looks like me with more hair and less girth,  but that’s not who I am anymore, and neither are those names from that email list.  Those people are gone, too.  As gone as Geno himself.  Distinctions like this create new possibilities for peace and love in the present. Love for even my most disdained enemy from 20 years  or 20 minutes ago.  It’s a freeing reminder that those were events, they weren’t people.  And even if I flash forward several years from that point to my wedding day or later to the birth of my children, that guy is gone, too.  Nor am I the guy who joined this band of wonderful friends who call ourselves the DejaBlue Grass Band, and neither are my mates who play with me.  We are different people than when we started this thing.   Some of the songs remain in the set list even from back then, but each time we perform them they live in the now and the now only.   Even when others record them for posterity or post them on YouTube, they are just a marker for who we were in that moment.

Make Peace and Love in the present:  Come see who we will be on Saturday at  6:45PM at the Lake Claire Peace & Love fest. You’ll get to experience us as a 4-piece.  Keith-my-boy can’t make it.  And if you can’t come see us Saturday, we’ll be entirely new as a 5-piece on Sunday at 1PM at Big Tex Cantina  in Decatur, GA.  And if you can’t make that, we will continue to recreate ourselves all Spring and Summer long.  Click here for our schedule.   See you next time, just as you are in that moment.   Peace and Love.


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