Behold the Bass, the Sweat Sock of Bluegrass

May 10, 2012

Socks…those unheralded heroes in hiding.  No glory like the shiny shoe, their reward is sweat and stink, only to be tossed into sudsy cyclone of towels and t-shirts, then pitched into a pile, patiently plotting for the next opportunity to  yet again do the dirty work…

It’s a labor of love…like the life of a bass player in a bluegrass band.

The bass fiddlerman labors in concealed contentment mostly beholding the backsides of his fellow band mates.  For our money, socks don’t come any more comfortable than our own Todd Cliatt.  No smelly stocking, ole’TC slaps that doghouse like it owes him money, with rythmic regularity you can set your watch to…

Not nearly enough, you’ll witness the DjBGB pull up our collective pant leg to show off our wiley wool and TC will pull off the pile a finely fibered refrain in a voice so earnest you’d swear your grandpa was singing on the front porch swing.

Come see TC do his thing this summer (Check our schedule. This month we’re at the Taste of the Highlands on May 19th and back for our annual throwdown at the Redlight Cafe on Thursday, May 24th among other dates)…. and when you do, flash him your socks as a show of respect. 😉


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