Breaking new ground

June 17, 2012

Genetic engineering kinda freaks me out.  But years ago when someone figured out how to make a seedless watermelon,  I got on board right quick.  Anytime someone has the stones to do something different or improve on something so perfect,  we say “Bravo”.

That’s just what the fine folks at Steve’s Live Music have done for the live music scene in this town.  They’ve taken an “intown” concept and opened up a music room on the top end of town.   If you’re a music lover and you’ve enjoyed the likes of Eddie’s Attic and the Red Light Cafe before, you’re going to love Steve’s.  It’s that kinda vibe on the north end of the Perimeter.

Tuesday nights is designated as Bluegrass nights at Steve’s, and The DejaBlue Grass Band will play one of the first on June 26th.  We won’t keep you late and we promise a happy set of ears when you leave.   We hope you’ll support us and more importantly, we hope you see what we see…a great new place on the top end of Atlanta to enjoy our kind of music.  Click here for the full schedule of bands coming to Steve’s.   All the good stuff, with no seeds.  Just like God inten…..well, er, you know what I mean.  Come check it out.  You’ll be glad you did!

Tuesday, June 26th, 8PM.  Click here for directions


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