Friending your kids?

August 16, 2012

Saw this cartoon today from a blog I visited. It got me thinking about what a peculiar phenomenon it is to “friend” your own kid, and how cool it is that our kids get to see a totally different side of us than we got to see of our parents when they were our age.

In a lot of ways I thought my parents were aliens from Planet Squaresville. I never got to see them interact with their friends very much. My pop was (and still is) a pretty jockular dude with a great sense of humor, but still, it wasn’t the same when he joked with me as it was when he got around his buddies.

Not only do I watch my kid does on Facebook, but he can watch me. He can see a side of me that I rarely got to see of my dad…of me yucking it up with my buddies, making snarky comments on posts, of me in pictures hamming it up with my friends, playing music, etc. Pretty cool, really. He gets to relate to me via this third party portal that allows him to see that in a lot of ways, I’m just a kid that’s grown. ‘Course I’m paying a lot more attention to him than he is to me.  Even with Facebook, I’m “old school”, with ancestral linkage to Planet Squaresville…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of socializing and old school, The DejaBlue Grass Band goes analog social network by being in front of actual people this weekend, and we want you and your family to join us. We’re playing the Decatur BBQ, Blues, and Bluegrass Festival at Oakhurst Village this weekend, Saturday, August 18th at 5PM. Great line up of bands, good food, and old schools socializin’.

And if you wanna have some grown-up only time with the DjBGB, we’ll be at Steve’s Live Music in Sandy Springs on Tuesday, August 21st at 8PM.

Details for future gigs are available at our website which is kinda old school.  Why don’t you just  “friend us” on Facebook and we’ll shoot you notices when and where we play. My kid will never notice.


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  1. Hope we can catch one of these events…..

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