Goin’ Home

September 17, 2012

This song, “Halfway Home Cafe” performed by Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder is one of my all-time favorites.  I love this song for many reasons, and have attempted to learn and play it but I simply cannot get through it without sobbing, particularly lately.  It embodies the redemption and security one can feel when going home.  My favorite line is  “I’m amazed that they (my family) still love me, and forgive me for the bitter seeds I’ve sown.”

While the band has long since considered Atlanta home, we do love the concept of “goin’ home”.   The  DejaBlue Grass Band has many different concepts of this idea called “home”: MJ is far from his Utah roots, while Todd, the only Atlanta native member of the band, lays his head not far from where he grew up.  Keith and I share similar stories in that the place we called home as kids doesn’t exist anymore.   As a matter of fact I attempted to capture that experience in a song we perform from time to time called  “Place That I Called Home” (click to listen).

That brings us to our fearless leader, Joey Bowers.  In my mind, Joey has the most iconic idea of “home” and he speaks of it reverently and fondly always.   It’s one of the reasons The DejaBlue Grass Band is thrilled to be heading to JB’s home town of Pickens, SC this weekend (Saturday 9/22) for the Pickens Founders Day Music Festival.   We look forward to sharing our music with Joey’s extensive group of family and friends, and according to the newspaper there, they are expecting to “jam the city” so there is sure to be a special vibe when we take the stage around 5PM.    If you’re up South Cackalacky way and are looking for a good time, come on home to Pickens and give us a holler.   Your mama’d be proud.

Pickens, SC Founders Day Music Festival, Sept. 22, 2012


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