October 26, 2012

So which is it… The Midtown Farmer look or the Ghoulish gig display?   I tend to think the former.  Looks like the crew from Footloose, the remake.  The Ghost of Buck Owens would be scared of those dudes.   Fortunately we got TC back there holdin’ down the bass line.  Hey, you bring that weak metrosexual junk up in his big dog house and he’ll punch you right in the larynx!

So this year for All Hallows Eve season, we’re playing the Big Tex Block Party in Decatur on Saturday October 27th at 1PM.  Beer, Bluegrass, and when we’re done,  UGA/Florida on the bick screen.    Aight, let’s go through’em real quick….”scare” up some friends to join us…grab your best “ghoulfriend”…it’ll be a “spooky” good time…um..we’ll be “gravely” disappointed if you don’t come.    Did I miss any?


One comment

  1. No, you didn’t miss any. I thought you were ‘dead’ on. Pop

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