Home Field Advantage

March 18, 2013

dejablue-grass-band-red-light-cafe-mar-28“So keep yer head up, boys…cause next time we get’em, we got’em at our place.   Our team… our fans… sleep in our beds…wake up in our town.  We know the grounds. We know the pitfalls.  We got’em right where we want ’em, boys, and we’ll put on a show like they’ve never seeeeeen….now let’s go KICK SOME ASS!!!

         – Some coach in some sport in some town, USA….or maybe Europe, or somewhere in South America, or somewhere they use the phrase “kick ass” as much as we do.

The DejaBlue Grass Band knows exactly how this completely fake figment of a guy feels.  There’s nothing like playing at home.  And to the DjBGB, the home field is Atlanta’s Redlight Cafe on Amsterdam Ave.  We’ve played there many times, and we’ll be back Thursday, March 28.  We haven’t played the Redlight in close to a year, I’m guessing, so we’re looking forward to it.  ‘Specially when the place has undergone an aesthetic overhaul.   See below…Pretty snazzy, eh?    Their new website looks fantastic, too, and the new ownership group has really done a fantastic job of upgrading what was already one of the best music rooms in Atlanta.

Red Light Café – Remodeled #1

The DjBGB has been working on new material and we’ve got several new songs we will debut at the Red Light.  Some originals that will end up on the new album, and a couple of covers that deliver like the waterboy on a timeout.   We promise a high-energy good time.  So come join the home team next Thursday.    Now git out there go play like your fake girlfriend died today!  Who’s with me???!?? heeeeyyyeyeyeyeyey!!!!

Sorry…my fake coach taught me better than that.


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