Y’all Come To Tucker!

May 10, 2013

BIG MON YALL COMEWhen I ‘studied’ spanish in college and then went abroad, it was difficult to understand colloquialisms from one town to the next.  (When I got in trouble, I would  just “Puedo invitarte a una cerveza?” and that seemed to make me a lot of friends.)  Not so different in the south, really.   Imagine learning English for the first time, asking for directions and getting “head down the  road a piece tords the cut-off and hang a louie”….careful on that hard bend or you’ll tump over”.

Some don’t even have to make sense at all.  My dad still refers to a situation in disarray, as “like Ned and the first reader in there”.  Something to do with some kid he went to school with, I think, but he would say it around people who had no idea what the words meant, and yet they understood him perfectly.  In rare crude moments, he would also say things like, “I’m so hungry I could eat the ass end of a dead rhino” or “That boy don’t know his ass from second base”.

Here’s something all God’s chil’ren understand….  “Y’all Come!”

As in “Y’all come see The DejaBlue Grass Band” on Mainstreet Tucker, GA for Tucker Day on Saturday at 1:30PM.   Lotta good music and Main Street Tucker is getting to be a pretty cool place.  Lots of new restaurants, bars, and stuff to do over that way.  Don’t cost nothin’.  Y’all Come!






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