DejaBlue Grass Band with Will Clark on guitar

January 22, 2014

A February studio date is looming for the DjBGB, so after many fits and starts we may finally get this 2nd CD project finished after all.  We found a producer that we feel will allow us to capture our “live” energy on the recording.  Speaking of “live”, here’s one of the songs that will be on it:  “Uncle John’s Swing“.  This was recorded live at the Albino Skunk Festival in Greer, SC this Fall.  BIG Thanks to Carolina Mixer for posting this!

Written a few years back while hanging out with my Uncle John on a porch swing at the lake …go figger.    Also like the name because Joey’s brother is John, and thus “Uncle John” to JB’s kids, so it suits the band.    And while we’re waxing nostalgic about family, the hot pickin’ young guitar whiz in this video is none other than Joseph Bowers‘ cousin Will Clark.   And if you think he’s good on guitar you should hear him rip the cover off the mando and banjo.  Boy can sing too!    Wonder if we can lure him into the studio for a few tunes… :^)  – DjBGB

PS – Here’s a little easter egg for ya!


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