Note to (future) Self…

July 1, 2014


I write notes to my future self. I send them via audio text, email, notepad on my iPad, etc. Random things that I see… Observations, things I think that might help me in my job, as a parent, as a husband, as a songwriter and so on.  Most of them I forget about, but every so often I stumble across one of  those notes and go back to the future and Google those things that sparked my curiosity enough to leave my future self a note.  Hello rabbit hole…

I tripped across one today actually, and I Googled the science of saying “please” and “thank you”. My hunch was that there’s some neurological reward in the form of dopamine release or serotonin or some other such hormone and that is why gratitude in the form of a simple “please” and “thank you”  is important. Turns out there’s reams of information on it, and it turns out I’m right. Now its kind of deflating sometimes when everything you think about has already been researched to the nth degree.  Further proof that there is nothing new under the sun (until it burns out I suppose…then we’ll have to come up with another axiom in the dark).  But the reward of course is corroborating that hunch, answering that question in my mind with some degree of certainty. Although I suppose there is just as much conflicting information on any given subject as there is stuff to confirm my hunches. Which is one of the reasons why we play original music.  Good bad indifferent, it’s ours.  No one else is playing it.  Ain’t nothing about it on Google, unless we put it there. They may write papers on it sometime in the future, (silly little fantasy) and  it’ll always be ours. Original authorship rights.

So leave a note to your future self…  Goes a little something like this, “Buy original music from the DejaBlue Grass Band”.  Now, ping yourself with a reminder sometime around August,  because at that time, or some point in the future near that time,  this decade-long project to put original music out there will be complete and in the history books. Okay? Please?  At that point, we will say “thank you” and there will be serotonin or dopamine release the likes nobody has seen in history!


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