Blind Ambition

August 22, 2014

One of the reasons why I think people may be able to relate to this thing called the DejaBlue Grass Band is that we are 5 regular guys with ambition who create the musical fantasy in which we live.   We speak things into existence, and we believe it, and then we channel that energy together and it manifests into some pretty cool things that bands with 10x the talent don’t get to do.   I think people can relate to that because it could just as easily be them.   Well this weekend we take our every-man-band into some rarified air… A date with Jimmy Carter and Ricky McKinney,  two members of the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama to sing gospel music at Eddie’s Attic on Sunday night August 24th.Finally the gig we’ve been waiting for since last Christmas is here.     Playing Eddie’s is a first for the band and playing with two multiple Grammy Award-winning artists is DEFINITELY a first.

As you can see from the video, we have had so much working on the set together, and rehearsing with these guys has been a blast.  What a trip to be able to make music with guys you’ve seen play with everyone from Aaron Neville to Ben Harper to Peter Gabriel to Warren Haynes to Dr. John.    In fact they will have just shared the stage with BB King in California the gig prior to playing with us.

As of today at 1PM, we’re only a handful of tickets from a sell-out so we hope you’ll join us!  If you’ve already bought tickets, we thank you!!  100% of the proceeds go to Neighbor-In-Need, a wonderful organization run by our good friend Kyle Caldwell,  who helps low-income elderly make emergency home repairs.

Many thanks to Chuck Shivers and Kyle  for setting this up!

See you Sunday!!


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