DjBGB plays at Wounded Warrior Benefit in Buckhead this Friday 9/26

September 23, 2014

Wounded Warrior logoFor as long I live, I’ll never forget my first Bluegrass gig.  We got hired by a gentleman named Gordon, to play a party to welcome his son-in-law who was coming home.  I didn’t think too much about the reason for the occasion because I was selfishly more concerned about how I would play, at the time filling in on mandolin for the first time with this band.  We did our thing, played some tunes while everyone ate, and then Gordon took the mic.  He welcomed everyone to his home and then proceeded to introduce and tell the story of his son-in-law, who was home for the first time after spending 6 months in a German hospital.  You see, his son-in-law was a captain in the Marine Corps.  He had done his tour in Iraq, and was scheduled to come home shortly after training his replacement.  Just a few days before he was to return home to his family, the Captain and his replacement encountered and IED that detonated nearly killing them.  After months of surgeries and painful rehab, he was home.  Blind in one eye, but home.   The soldier soon took the stage to address the crowd.   He took the mic and addressed the crowd, telling his amazing story, while holding his two little girls in his arms.  My lasting takeaway from this night as I watched this brave man hold his precious daughters and tell the crowd, “Unfortunately there are some evil people in the world, and it’s up to us to protect our country and our way of life”.   There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

This Friday night, September 26th, our good friend Steve Parker is giving something back to the Wounded Warrior Project and we want you to join us.  He’s hosting a golf tournament he is affectionately calling the “Hackers Ball” with 100% of the proceeds going to Wounded Warrior.  Afterwards, he’s asked the DejaBlue Grass Band to play music and we couldn’t be more honored.   Steve is a just a great guy giving back to something he believes in and he has said that if any friends of the band would like to join us, you are welcome.

We’ll be under a tent right behind the Chastain Park Golf Course in Buckhead.  We start playing about 7PM.  Very casual.  No frills.  Just good bluegrass for a GREAT cause.   Y’all come!




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