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Where do you see yourself in the future?

September 8, 2014

bluegrass fortune cookie“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  What corporate pinhead came up with this question? I always resented it because I figure there’s only two ways to answer it: feed them some recycled bovine waste they wanted to hear, or answer truthfully “who frikkin knows….maybe dead” and, well, you get the idea.

I’m all for looking over the bow of the boat, but 5 years??  Ask Olympus cameras or Angie’s List employees where they see themselves in 5 years.   What’s important is not so much looking for the light at the end of a tunnel as much as looking for the light at the end of the flashlight.

We don’t know what you’re doing in 5 years and frankly neither do you, but here’s what we hope you’re doing in the very near future, like this Thursday night, September 11, 2014.  The DejaBlue Grass Band points our flashlight squarely in the direction of the Red Light Cafe on Amsterdam Ave. as in, we’ll be playing there and we hope you’ll join us.  Downstroke around 8PM.  
Then we’re rolling up South Cackalacky for the 3rd year in a row for the Pickens Founders Day Festival in lovely Pickens, SC on Saturday, Sept 13th  We play twice, first at 1:45 PM, then again at 8:00PM.  

So to hell with your boss and his stupid questions, come join us!  We won’t ask anything of you other than that you relax and have a great time and we’ll pick you some new tunes we’ve incorporated from the gig we did with some of the members of the Blind Boys of Alabama, and we’ll lay’em on you and we guarantee you’ll feel loved and appreciated.

Speaking of that gig with the Blind Boys, here’s a live cut from that show… Take The High Road.  Enjoy!

“Take The High Road” – DejaBlue Grass Band featuring Ricky McKinney and Jimmy Carter of the Blind Boys of Alabama


It’s 5 O’clock somewhere but it’s 420 this weekend in the ATL!!

April 14, 2011

We’re kickin’ into high gear this weekend!!

April 17th, 4PMSweetwater 420 Festival, Candler Park, Atlanta. This has quickly grown into one of the best festivals in the city and this year sports a fantastic line-up of music all weekend highlighted by GalacticRailroad Earth, Arrested Development, GreenSky Bluegrass and others! We’re on the Gas South stage at 4PM.


Freezin’ our grass off!

February 11, 2011

DjBGB, in a warmer time, at the Candler Park Fall Festival,  2010

Yes,  always looking for cheeky “grass” references whenever possible…bad boys that we are. So both the Punxsutawny prognosticator AND Beauregard Lee predict an early Spring, and I hope those varmits are right, by god, because we are ready! It’s colder than a gobler’s knob. The DjBGB is busting at the seams to get out in some warm weather and play some bluegrass.  ‘Course if we don’t stop  packing on the winter poundage, we might bust’em anyway… but fear not, we’ll be in Speedo shape soon enough. Ladies, contain yourselves.

I think the entire city of Atlanta is ready for some warm weather and we oughta have a great spring full of festivals and music in the city. Matter of fact, we’re kicking around some opportunities right now as we come out of hybernation,.  We should have some new gigs up on our website soon.  New tunes, too. I hope y’all’ll come out and join us!


Keepin’ it Alfred Real

October 5, 2010

Whether you’ve never heard us, or heard us a hundred times, we ask you in earnest to please grab a friend or 3 and join us on one special night for one special little boy.  This Friday night, October 8th, at the Red Light Cafe in Midtown Atlanta, the DejaBlue Grass Band welcomes home 8-year old Alfred Real, who is returning to Atlanta after many weeks of TLC from the amazing professionals at Shriner’s Hospital in Cincinnati.  Alfred was badly burned over 80% of his body in an accident several months back.  You may have seen his story on Fox 5 news.  The Real Family are neighbors and friends of our bassist Todd Cliatt, and his wife Christine, who made us aware of Alfred’s accident. We were all so moved by his story, particularly since each member of the band has at least one son and three of us have a son very near Alfred’s age, and we wanted to show our support for him and his family.  He arrives home  this week, so we want to PACK the place and show him love and support.   PLEASE come support this young man.  We’ve got a special deal for you if you do:  $10 cover or $15 and you get a copy of our album “Bucket Full of Rain”100% of any money we raise on cover charge will go to Alfred and his family.    You can follow his story below.  Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. with your friends. Thanks for supporting young Alfred,  thanks to Bill and the good folks at the Red Light for letting us host this special night, and we hope to see you on Friday night!!!

For better or for worse

February 16, 2009
Three smiling guys on Telluride...seewhadamean?

Three smiling guys on Telluride...seewhadamean?

As the DejaBlue Grass Band was playing to a rowdy raucous Serenbe wedding crowd full of fun, drinkin’ and dancin’ folks on Saturday night, it occurred to me why I love snow-skiing so much…    Yes, there’s a connection, stay with me.  When you are at such a beautiful place like Telluride (or any ski resort), everyone is in a good mood.   Stop off the slopes, slip off the skis for a sarsaparilla, and I defy you to find a frown.   Won’t happen.  And when you’re surrounded by smiles, it’s absolutely impossible to have a bad time.

Case-in-point: Frazzling into our Friday gig I was fit to be tied when I arrived.  I jettisoned my 6-cylinder sarcophagus, numb from nearly two hours of Atlanta traffic, and bugged my way to the stage.   First thing I did was set my stuff down (10 minutes before we were “on”).  Second thing I did was beg the bartender for a double scotch on the rocks.  I mean I was frrrrried.   My ill temper found my fingers, too.  I couldn’t pick a lick.  All thumbs.  I pulled my hat down low and tried not to poison anyone.  But as the night progressed, the girls in the back began buck dancing, the guys followed suit, and the party soon sashayed toward band, front and center.  This gaggling group was having a big time.  Circling up, clapping, do-se-doin’, Honky-tonkin’ like they didn’t have a care in the world.   Some of the girls and guys  joined us behind the mic for some sing-alongs (one lovely young lady named Stuart could really sing, too. She was fabulous.)   I couldn’t help it.  The band was having a blast, and I was right there with’em, smiling ear-to-ear.  Like I said, it’s absolutely impossible to be in an ill mood when you are in a beautful place (and Serenbe is spectacular) and there are that many people having a good time.   …besides, people who’d hire a bluegrass band for a wedding are our kinda tribe anyway! 😉


New CD in the works?

January 26, 2009

Enjoy DjBGB live at Moonshadow in Tucker GA…our last gig.

Sorry for the long hiatus, but the band hasn’t been very active in the last few months.  Hell, blame it on the economy, or Bush or sump’m, (I got that idea from every other person on earth)   BUT that all has slowly begun to change as we turn our attention to new original material for what we hope will be a new CD project.  Banjo Boy learned so much from the last CD project that he’s gonna (at least, initially) try and produce this one himself.  He’s got some killer new mobile recording equipment, and we’re gonna try and capture more of a live feel to the next record (can you call’em “records” anymore?  Can’t really call’em “CD’s” since it’s all digital downloads now…I dunno, I digress) .  We’ve been busy the last two or three weeks laying down scratch tracks of original material so that we’ll have something to listen to individually and “burn it in” so that when we get together to practice, there’s a template in our minds.  Kinda have to go that route when everyone has kids and day jobs, and we rehearse as little as we do.   We message the vibe remotely, through Facebook, email, cellphone, etc.   (Although actually TC, MJ, and RW got together for The Travelin’ McCourys” the other night at Smith’s…they were phenomenal). I’ve been calling the new project “DejaBlue Two” for my iTunes library sake anyway.

We’re also looking at some festivals and other gigs as we look to fill the 2009 schedule.  We need to get a gig at Red Light or Eddie’s too,.. if we can.  We’re also looking at teaming up with some of our favorite local groups to try and stir it up with some twin bills.  We had a good time hitching up with Smokey’s Farmland Band last year.  (speaking of…check out SFB and the Dappled Grays on 1/30 at the Five Spot if you’re looking for a fantastic show! two of our favorite bands)

We’ll (read: me) be more active in this space now that there’s activity afront.   Also if you haven’t joined our Facebook fan page, please do!

Thanks for hangin’…


Back at’em

September 10, 2008

DjBGB @ Pullman Yards (photo by Kitty Ray Swain)
DjBGB under the stars at Pullman Yard (Photo by Kitty Ray Swain)

Been under the weather for the past couple of days, (hence the tardiness of this post) but I was under the stars this past weekend at a funkifried venue in Kirkwood called Pullman Yards. A couple of guys bought a spot across the street from a dilapidated old freight yard and turned it into a indoor outdoor venue for music and arts. Very cool. Gentrification is starting to sniff around the corner and turn over some rocks on Rogers Street. Won’t be long now. I think they’ve got a great thing going there.

We gigged with Smokey’s Farmland Band. Those guys have a tight sound and flatpicker on guitar that can flat tear it up. Well worth spending an evening with, if you haven’t heard ’em. I hope we gig with those guys again sometime. We had a good crowd as you can see from the picture. Lotta kids. Always good to see the kids dancing.

DjBGB @ Smith's Olde Bar (Photo by Kittry Ray Swain)
DejaBlue Grass Band opened for CornMeal Sunday at Smith’s Olde Bar (photo by Kitty Ray Swain)

Sunday We opened for a killer group outta Chicago called Cornmeal at Smith’s Olde Bar in Midtown Atlanta. We were a little (hell, who am I kidding…a lot) rusty on Saturday night, but we paired down our set list to a “power set” and we had one of our best shows ever. Funny how that works. No matter what we did Saturday night, we couldn’t quite get there, but Sunday was a different story. We had our game, and so did Cornmeal. I was wishing I could slip into a Friday night there because I would have stayed all night. They were fantastic. Check them out when you get a chance (see below)

Cornmeal – Hillbilly Ride

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