DejaBlue Grass Band with Will Clark on guitar

January 22, 2014

A February studio date is looming for the DjBGB, so after many fits and starts we may finally get this 2nd CD project finished after all.  We found a producer that we feel will allow us to capture our “live” energy on the recording.  Speaking of “live”, here’s one of the songs that will be on it:  “Uncle John’s Swing“.  This was recorded live at the Albino Skunk Festival in Greer, SC this Fall.  BIG Thanks to Carolina Mixer for posting this!

Written a few years back while hanging out with my Uncle John on a porch swing at the lake …go figger.    Also like the name because Joey’s brother is John, and thus “Uncle John” to JB’s kids, so it suits the band.    And while we’re waxing nostalgic about family, the hot pickin’ young guitar whiz in this video is none other than Joseph Bowers‘ cousin Will Clark.   And if you think he’s good on guitar you should hear him rip the cover off the mando and banjo.  Boy can sing too!    Wonder if we can lure him into the studio for a few tunes… :^)  – DjBGB

PS – Here’s a little easter egg for ya!


Ho! Ho! Joe!

December 12, 2013

TeamJoe_DejaBlueWebThe Law of Joe: It’s impossible to have the name “Joe” without being a great guy.

I named my 2nd child Joe to abide by this law… Shortly after we moved into our  house  I validated this “Law of Joe” when I met my neighbor Joe Daniels.  Since then, we’ve remained  friends and The DejaBlue Grass Band has even had the privilege of playing at Joe’s company holiday party for DoveTail Homes.  So when we found out about Joe’s skiing accident,  the DejaBlue Grass Band wanted to do something to help.

We hope you’ll join us THIS WEDNESDAY, December 18th for a special evening at Napoleon’s as the DejaBlue Grass Band teams up with Team Joe to help raise money for Joe’s progressive aphasia (speech impairment) therapy which is not covered by insurance.   We’ll celebrate holiday cheer and have drink specials and other opportunities to raise money and we promise a fun evening of high energy bluegrass with the usual DjBGB shenanigans!   



New DjBGB Hands-free Tour App!!

September 7, 2013

DjBGB smartphoneNew DjBGB Hands-free Tour App!!  Here’s how to get it!  It’s free!!

No download required!  Just pull up your honey’s phone number in your SMS text app, hit the little microphone icon thingy, then raise your phone to your mouth like a serving tray and begin talking like you’re speaking to a near-deaf 95 year-old woman, articulating every syllable including punctuation and speak these magic words

Hey honey  comma  the Dejablue Grass Band is going on tour next weekend exclamation point   I know   comma  right question mark question mark    we should totally go see them     exclamation point    they’ve got 4 dates in 3 days   comma    so  let’s get a bunch of friends  comma and maybe some family comma and pick a date  period   those guys are so much fun exclamation point exclamation point   here is the link to their schedule  comma it’s w w w dot dee e  jay aye bee el you e   grass band dot com  slash schedule period   Fun  exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point

Pretty awesome, huh?   Now go to your calendar app and import these dates!

Friday, September 13th, 4:30 – 6pm Atlanta Barbecue Festival at Atlantic Station

Saturday, September 14th   Pickens Founders Day, Pickens, SC gig (2 gigs!)

Sunday, September 15th  3:30  Atlanta Arts Festival, Piedmont Park


Come to the (Red) top of the mountain

July 3, 2013

One of my song writing heroes, Todd Snider,  sings it best in the song “Age Like Wine”…

My new stuff is nothing like my old stuff was, And neither one is much when compared to the show, Which will not be as good as some other one you saw….

Similarly, I once heard singer/songwriter Tift Merritt say that she didn’t see the point comparing songs in songwriting competitions.   Music, and songwriting in particular, is a unique personal expression and by definition cannot be compared to another experience.

Writing a song is like climbing one’s own personal mountaintop…it’s a different vista than the last one, and different still from one that will come later.   Even covering a song becomes a unique expression of where you are at the time.   Someone may have already climbed that mountain, but you have a your own perspective and you see things from the top that the original artist doesn’t simply by investing your own energy in it.

We invite you to invest your energy and sit atop the mountain with us this weekend.  This Friday and Saturday, July 5th and 6th, The DejaBlue Grass Band will play 2 nights at Red Top Mountain State Park.  Admission is free. We’ll play songs from our perspective, many we’ve written and some others have written. Some new and some old.  Some you’ve heard, some you haven’t.   Bring your family, plenty of lawn chairs, a cooler full of goodies.   The venue itself is worth the experience….Dare I say, there is nothing that compares to it!

DejaBlue Grass Band

Live at Red Top Mountain

Friday, July 5th & Saturday July 6th 8:00PM (Both Shows)

Red Top Mountain State Park Website

Click here for directions


5 Reasons to see The DejaBlue Grass Band this Summer

June 27, 2013

DejaBlue boat pic 5

FIVE Reasons to see The DejaBlue Grass Band this Summer

1. We’ve totally disassociated ourselves from Paula Dean

Yup… Cut’er off before she even knew we existed.  Hey, everybody’s doin’ it. No more songs about biscuits, or cornbread, or butter beans…nothin’.  Hell, we won’t even eat Jimmy Dean sausage, or watch Dean Martin movies, or play Dean Markley strings.

2. We’re Monsanto-free 100% Organic! 

Okay, well at least our banjo plucker is.  Looking into his refrigerator, the only person who is a threat to his stash is Peter Rabbit.  Thought about writing a song about it, but it’s tough to rhyme words like “millet” and “quinoa”.  He is reminded often that he’s going to one lonely s.o.b. when he’s 114 years old…

3. We’re same-sex relationship friendly

In a seldom read briefing, the SCOTUS says it is perfectly legal for 5 guys to be in a relationship built on harmony, love, passion, and performance.  We call it the DejaBlue Grass Band…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

4. We won’t spy on you

Unless of course you request “Wagon Wheel”, or “Rocky Top, or “Man of Constant Sorrow”. Then we wait till you fall asleep, douse your undies in acorn scent and send in a team of rabid squirrels.  Seriously, I googled it and the NSA said it was okay.

5. The IRS will not audit you if you donate to us. 

How do you make a million dollars in bluegrass??  You start with 2(million).  Bluegrass is the only hobby where a guy can load up $5,000 worth of sound equipment, a $6,000 guitar, pay $75 to fill up the tank to make a couple hundred bucks.

Now….5 Gigs where YOU can see the DejaBlue Grass Band THIS SUMMER!

Saturday 6/27  6:30PM

Hand In Hand Pub

Highland Terrace NE Atlanta, GA 30306 404-872-1001
Friday, July 5th   8:00
Red Top Mountain Bluegrass Series (Night#1 of 2)
Red Top Mtn State Park
50 Lodge Rd SE Cartersville, GA 30121
Saturday, July 6th   8:00
Red Top Mountain Bluegrass Series (Night#2 of 2)
50 Lodge Rd SE Cartersville, GA 30121
Saturday, July 20th   8:00
(w/ Caroline & The Ramblers)
553 Amsterdam Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30306
Saturday, Sept 14th
On the square in Pickens, SC!

Y’all Come To Tucker!

May 10, 2013

BIG MON YALL COMEWhen I ‘studied’ spanish in college and then went abroad, it was difficult to understand colloquialisms from one town to the next.  (When I got in trouble, I would  just “Puedo invitarte a una cerveza?” and that seemed to make me a lot of friends.)  Not so different in the south, really.   Imagine learning English for the first time, asking for directions and getting “head down the  road a piece tords the cut-off and hang a louie”….careful on that hard bend or you’ll tump over”.

Some don’t even have to make sense at all.  My dad still refers to a situation in disarray, as “like Ned and the first reader in there”.  Something to do with some kid he went to school with, I think, but he would say it around people who had no idea what the words meant, and yet they understood him perfectly.  In rare crude moments, he would also say things like, “I’m so hungry I could eat the ass end of a dead rhino” or “That boy don’t know his ass from second base”.

Here’s something all God’s chil’ren understand….  “Y’all Come!”

As in “Y’all come see The DejaBlue Grass Band” on Mainstreet Tucker, GA for Tucker Day on Saturday at 1:30PM.   Lotta good music and Main Street Tucker is getting to be a pretty cool place.  Lots of new restaurants, bars, and stuff to do over that way.  Don’t cost nothin’.  Y’all Come!






Albino Skunk fest: All good that is good

April 22, 2013

DjBGB Skunkfest Panorama 531Last Sunday morning, The DejaBlue Grass Band floated on a cloud from Greer, SC back to Atlanta.  We’d played one of the finest festivals you could ever be a part of (either as a fan or a band)…The Albino (Spring) Skunk Festival.  We got to play our music in front of a new crowd and got treated like rock stars.  We met some of the finest new friends you could ever ask to meet.  We got turned on to some awe-inspiring bands, like Lake Street Dive, Town Mountain, River Whyless, Mic Harrison and the High ScoreSol Driven Train, and many others.  We jammed by the fireside and reveled in friendships brand new and age old.   It was truly a special weekend.

On Monday, I was working on my review when the bombs in Boston went off and the nation turned it’s attention to two evil fools who sought to destroy a magnificently American event.  (And then the tragedy in West, Texas soon followed.)   It just didn’t seem appropriate to write a review about our good fortune when so many were suffering.  I said my prayers and counted my blessings, but like many people, as the weekend gave us a reprieve, I became resolved.  Marathon running is a form of self expression that inspires people and gathers them together to celebrate accomplishment.  Some do it for the prize, but most do it as a form of personal growth….not unlike what we do.

The DejaBlue Grass Band is about 5 guys who love one another and love hanging out with each other and our families.   I think people can relate to us, because we are not professional musicians….we’re 5 guys with families who love making music and want to share it with others.  Like many who ran the Boston Marathon, we’re juggling the nuances of daily life, stressing over mortgages, over-booked schedules, retirement planning, and rearing kids, just like most at our stage in life, and we make time for living a dream. We play our music in festivals with crazy talented giants 10x more gifted than we are and it inspires us.  We create our own music and put ourselves out there pointed toward a finish line.   We get there on good vibe and love and we never take it for granted.

As we reflect on the kindness and generosity of Zig and the Skunk Boys, and their wonderful festival, we’re reminded that the overwhelming majority of everyone we meet in this great country are decent and kind people trying to do right by the world and pay it forward.  It reminds us of how uniting music is and what a wonderful elixir it will always be in our lives.  Zig and his all-volunteer crew put this wonderful gathering together simply for love of music, creating opportunities for others like us the joy of making it, listening to it, experiencing it.  We were blessed to be invited and I can assure you we will be back, either as a participant or a fan or both.    We live for opportunities like the Albino Skunk Festival, because without the hard work and generosity of guys like Zig and his crew, we couldn’t share our chosen passion of  playing, writing, singing, and performing music.   God bless this country and it’s people, and God bless all those involved with this event.  The Albino Skunk Festival is all good that is good in this country and we were grateful to have been a part of it.


PS- Upon returning to our campsite on Saturday night, we received this message from a new fan.  This is what makes it all worthwhile…

Hey guys,
I live 1/4 mile down the road from the Skunk Festival. I was in the back yard and heard your rendition of Cheap Tricks’ ” I want you to Want Me”. I Told my 7 year old to come here this. He said he wanted to see who it was ( he is a Cheap Trick fan) . We walked over and saw your bus, caught the last couple of songs and
Had some good daddy/ son time. He now wants a mandolin. Thanks for Planting the seed. You guys were awesome. We are now fans of Deja Bluegrass Band.

Eric and O’Keefe Thompson

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