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Soul Shakin’ Gospel Brunch at Eddie’s Feb. 8th

January 15, 2015

Gospel Brunch flyer jpeg

We say the DejaBlue Grass Band serves up a fresh song selection of truegrass, piled high with pop and newgrass, lightly salted with some soul-shaking gospel, we will be delivering on that promise in a big way on February 8th 11:30AM at Eddies Attic. Join us for an old fashioned sanctifyin’ singing and swaying with Ricky McKinnie of the Blind Boys of Alabama, and featuring Harold Holloway and Company. Harold Holloway and Company are AMAZING (check him out here)  and you simply will not get this experience anywhere else. So we’re not telling you to skip church that morning, but we are saying that we’ll be having so much high energy hoopin’ and hollerin’ fun that the Devil won’t get within 5 miles of you on that day.

$40 which includes a huge brunch spread served by Eddie’s which is sure to please!

Doors Open at 11AM,

Brunch starts at 11:30.   Music shortly afterward.

Get your tickets here! Y’all come!!


Y’all Come To Tucker!

May 10, 2013

BIG MON YALL COMEWhen I ‘studied’ spanish in college and then went abroad, it was difficult to understand colloquialisms from one town to the next.  (When I got in trouble, I would  just “Puedo invitarte a una cerveza?” and that seemed to make me a lot of friends.)  Not so different in the south, really.   Imagine learning English for the first time, asking for directions and getting “head down the  road a piece tords the cut-off and hang a louie”….careful on that hard bend or you’ll tump over”.

Some don’t even have to make sense at all.  My dad still refers to a situation in disarray, as “like Ned and the first reader in there”.  Something to do with some kid he went to school with, I think, but he would say it around people who had no idea what the words meant, and yet they understood him perfectly.  In rare crude moments, he would also say things like, “I’m so hungry I could eat the ass end of a dead rhino” or “That boy don’t know his ass from second base”.

Here’s something all God’s chil’ren understand….  “Y’all Come!”

As in “Y’all come see The DejaBlue Grass Band” on Mainstreet Tucker, GA for Tucker Day on Saturday at 1:30PM.   Lotta good music and Main Street Tucker is getting to be a pretty cool place.  Lots of new restaurants, bars, and stuff to do over that way.  Don’t cost nothin’.  Y’all Come!






Do the Derby with the DejaBlue Grass Band on May 2nd

April 4, 2009

Here\’s a little Derby Day Dish for ya:  Mint. Bourbon. Sugar. Water.  Stir in 20 horses, and 5-parts bluegrass.  Chill at a swanky Buckhead steak joint.  Serve on May 2, 2009.  That is a recipe for a gooooooood time, m\’friend!

Join the DejaBlue Grass Band on May 2nd for Kentucky Derby Day at Chops in Buckhead! We\’ll get started about 2pm and play till 6pm.  Race starts shortly there after.  We need a big crowd, and you can bet on damn good time.   Saddle up and c\’mon!

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