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The New South’s Deepest Revelry

November 6, 2014

Gurley banjo

Mark Lehi Jones is a “gimme the ball!” kinda banjo picker.  I saw that boy whip out “Love Roller Coaster” on a group of unsuspecting contemplative coffee house song writer types once.  You wanna get the attention of an entire room full of mellowed out strangers?  Whip out some Ohio Players at max volume on a banjo…that’ll do it!   He’s no girly man on the banjo….he’s more like the Gurley man. Rough-tough-in-your-face-dare-you-to-take-it-off-my-shoulder-carry-the-whole-team kinda banjo.

Speaking of the Gurley man, a certain iconic running back of the Georgia Bulldogs returns to the gridiron on Saturday November 15.   SOooooo…..We’ve got deal for you. Before you get ready for the big game, get your game face and your team colors on and come celebrate with the DejaBlue Grass Band on Friday Night NOVEMBER 14th on the eve of the 118th renewal of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry at Napoleons Grill on LaVista Rd. in the Oak Grove area of Decatur.  We promise you we’re gonna give it 110%, play as a team, stay focused, keep our eye on the ball, and whatever other sports cliche’s that’ll get you out to boogie with us! Tell the sitter you’ll be home late.

The DejaBlue Grass Band

Live at Napoleons Grill

Friday Night, NOVEMBER 14th, 8ish

2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA 30033


DejaBlue Grass Band / Blind Boys of Alabama, Aug 24th, Eddie’s Attic – Decatur, GA

March 12, 2014

DjBGB w_Blind BoysSerendipity and a great friend brought the DejaBlue Grass Band to a party last Christmas attended by members of the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama.  We ended up doing a few tunes in the living room and had a blast singing for them. Before long Jimmy Carter and Ben Moore began chiming in and singing with us.  It was, to say the least, a surreal THRILL.   Yeah, making music with 5-Time Grammy award winning artists is not something we get to do very often.  It was pretty much the coolest Christmas present ever.

Well one thing led to another and, through the good work of said great friend, Mr. Kyle Caldwell, we are doing a show together!!!!  So let’s see…among many others, they’re played with Tom Waits, Solomon Burke, Michael Franti, Chrissie Hynde, Aaron Neville, Shelby Lynne, George Clinton, Ben Harper, Randy Travis, Bonnie RaittSusan Tedeschi, Jars of Clay, Charlie Musselwhite,  and as of August 24th, 2014, The DejaBlue Grass Band.  How crazy is that???  The Law of Attraction in action if I’ve ever seen it.

So…Mark your calendars for a special evening with the DejaBlue Grass Band and Ricky McKinnie and Jimmy Carter from The Blind Boys of Alabama live at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. Sunday evening, August 24, 2014 to benefit Neighbor In Need (helping low-income elderly make emergency home repairs). Details forthcoming on tickets on our website and Facebook page.
Wait….WHAT?!?!??    Don’t wake us if this is all a dream, okay?

Come to the (Red) top of the mountain

July 3, 2013

One of my song writing heroes, Todd Snider,  sings it best in the song “Age Like Wine”…

My new stuff is nothing like my old stuff was, And neither one is much when compared to the show, Which will not be as good as some other one you saw….

Similarly, I once heard singer/songwriter Tift Merritt say that she didn’t see the point comparing songs in songwriting competitions.   Music, and songwriting in particular, is a unique personal expression and by definition cannot be compared to another experience.

Writing a song is like climbing one’s own personal mountaintop…it’s a different vista than the last one, and different still from one that will come later.   Even covering a song becomes a unique expression of where you are at the time.   Someone may have already climbed that mountain, but you have a your own perspective and you see things from the top that the original artist doesn’t simply by investing your own energy in it.

We invite you to invest your energy and sit atop the mountain with us this weekend.  This Friday and Saturday, July 5th and 6th, The DejaBlue Grass Band will play 2 nights at Red Top Mountain State Park.  Admission is free. We’ll play songs from our perspective, many we’ve written and some others have written. Some new and some old.  Some you’ve heard, some you haven’t.   Bring your family, plenty of lawn chairs, a cooler full of goodies.   The venue itself is worth the experience….Dare I say, there is nothing that compares to it!

DejaBlue Grass Band

Live at Red Top Mountain

Friday, July 5th & Saturday July 6th 8:00PM (Both Shows)

Red Top Mountain State Park Website

Click here for directions


3 Words: Albino. Skunk. Festival.

March 27, 2013

Back in the single days in our crappy little apartment, my roomie Bruce and I made up our own little  ‘game’ of stringing three non-sensical words together to make a phrase.  The more incongruous the better:   Burlap category knob… Whispering shit pencil…gelatin ligament stink…you get the idea.  You then had to use it in a sentence.   Guess you had to be there. Made sense to us at the time. Lotta beer involved in a game like that.  We played it almost nightly.  Couldn’t seem to get anyone else as interested in our game as we were.  Hmmph.

Looks like some kindred spirits in Greer, South Cackalacky musta been eaves dropping on our game.  They came up with the Albino Skunk Festival.  Three incongruous words that don’t go together.  Lemme see if I can use it in a sentence….”The DejaBlue Grass Band will play the Albino Skunk Festival in Greer, SC.”    And we will do it Saturday, April 13th at 6:45.

Word is that someone at one point thought they saw an albino skunk on the property, but I think they musta been playing our game.   Our kinda peeps.  We never made a festival out of our idea, but these boys did, and that’s just as fine as it can be.

Camping, jamming, dancing, hanging with a KILLER selection of bands .  including Col. Bruce Hampton, Lake Street Dive, and Scott Miller among others.  What’s not to like?  You should join us.  Get there early.  We’re heading up Friday afternoon to stake out a spot and get settled.  You’ll see us fireside with a cold beer in one hand and an instrument in the other.  Come Join us!


P.S. Check this out from one of the Albino Skunk Fest bands,  Lake Street Dive….Three Words:  Serious. Music. Love!

Lake Street Dive “I Want You Back”


Home Field Advantage

March 18, 2013

dejablue-grass-band-red-light-cafe-mar-28“So keep yer head up, boys…cause next time we get’em, we got’em at our place.   Our team… our fans… sleep in our beds…wake up in our town.  We know the grounds. We know the pitfalls.  We got’em right where we want ’em, boys, and we’ll put on a show like they’ve never seeeeeen….now let’s go KICK SOME ASS!!!

         – Some coach in some sport in some town, USA….or maybe Europe, or somewhere in South America, or somewhere they use the phrase “kick ass” as much as we do.

The DejaBlue Grass Band knows exactly how this completely fake figment of a guy feels.  There’s nothing like playing at home.  And to the DjBGB, the home field is Atlanta’s Redlight Cafe on Amsterdam Ave.  We’ve played there many times, and we’ll be back Thursday, March 28.  We haven’t played the Redlight in close to a year, I’m guessing, so we’re looking forward to it.  ‘Specially when the place has undergone an aesthetic overhaul.   See below…Pretty snazzy, eh?    Their new website looks fantastic, too, and the new ownership group has really done a fantastic job of upgrading what was already one of the best music rooms in Atlanta.

Red Light Café – Remodeled #1

The DjBGB has been working on new material and we’ve got several new songs we will debut at the Red Light.  Some originals that will end up on the new album, and a couple of covers that deliver like the waterboy on a timeout.   We promise a high-energy good time.  So come join the home team next Thursday.    Now git out there go play like your fake girlfriend died today!  Who’s with me???!?? heeeeyyyeyeyeyeyey!!!!

Sorry…my fake coach taught me better than that.


There once was a band from Nantucket…

March 12, 2013

A limerick…for St. Patty’s Day (In your best “Tom from Downton Abbey” voice)

There once was a band, DejaBlue Grass

Piled high with some pop and some newgrass

So throw on your green

Drink a Guiness or three

For a St. Patty’s gig that a true gas!

Yeah, pretty weak and campy, I know…. Couldn’t figure anything that rhymes with grass and doesn’t refer to your backside. Momma’s watchin’, y’know.  Besides, Limericks aren’t even Irish (thanks, Google).  Turns out Edward Lear was the guy…a bloody Englishman…who lives nowhere near Nantucket.

But you really should join us.  We rarely get to the top end and we’re excited to be with our Roswell friends.  Please help us spread the word.  Great cause benefitting Cystic Fibrosis, put on by our good friend and fine musician in his own right, Mr. Chip Jones.    It’s a crawfish boil, which I’m not sure is terribly Irish either, but we’re all kinda mutts anyway. We’ll drink to that.  Course, we’ll drink to anything. 🙂

Click the picture up top for the deets.


PS- We’re BAAACK…at the Red Light Cafe on Thursday 3/28, for the first time in over a year.   More details to come soon.



October 26, 2012

So which is it… The Midtown Farmer look or the Ghoulish gig display?   I tend to think the former.  Looks like the crew from Footloose, the remake.  The Ghost of Buck Owens would be scared of those dudes.   Fortunately we got TC back there holdin’ down the bass line.  Hey, you bring that weak metrosexual junk up in his big dog house and he’ll punch you right in the larynx!

So this year for All Hallows Eve season, we’re playing the Big Tex Block Party in Decatur on Saturday October 27th at 1PM.  Beer, Bluegrass, and when we’re done,  UGA/Florida on the bick screen.    Aight, let’s go through’em real quick….”scare” up some friends to join us…grab your best “ghoulfriend”…it’ll be a “spooky” good time…um..we’ll be “gravely” disappointed if you don’t come.    Did I miss any?

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