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Albino Skunk fest: All good that is good

April 22, 2013

DjBGB Skunkfest Panorama 531Last Sunday morning, The DejaBlue Grass Band floated on a cloud from Greer, SC back to Atlanta.  We’d played one of the finest festivals you could ever be a part of (either as a fan or a band)…The Albino (Spring) Skunk Festival.  We got to play our music in front of a new crowd and got treated like rock stars.  We met some of the finest new friends you could ever ask to meet.  We got turned on to some awe-inspiring bands, like Lake Street Dive, Town Mountain, River Whyless, Mic Harrison and the High ScoreSol Driven Train, and many others.  We jammed by the fireside and reveled in friendships brand new and age old.   It was truly a special weekend.

On Monday, I was working on my review when the bombs in Boston went off and the nation turned it’s attention to two evil fools who sought to destroy a magnificently American event.  (And then the tragedy in West, Texas soon followed.)   It just didn’t seem appropriate to write a review about our good fortune when so many were suffering.  I said my prayers and counted my blessings, but like many people, as the weekend gave us a reprieve, I became resolved.  Marathon running is a form of self expression that inspires people and gathers them together to celebrate accomplishment.  Some do it for the prize, but most do it as a form of personal growth….not unlike what we do.

The DejaBlue Grass Band is about 5 guys who love one another and love hanging out with each other and our families.   I think people can relate to us, because we are not professional musicians….we’re 5 guys with families who love making music and want to share it with others.  Like many who ran the Boston Marathon, we’re juggling the nuances of daily life, stressing over mortgages, over-booked schedules, retirement planning, and rearing kids, just like most at our stage in life, and we make time for living a dream. We play our music in festivals with crazy talented giants 10x more gifted than we are and it inspires us.  We create our own music and put ourselves out there pointed toward a finish line.   We get there on good vibe and love and we never take it for granted.

As we reflect on the kindness and generosity of Zig and the Skunk Boys, and their wonderful festival, we’re reminded that the overwhelming majority of everyone we meet in this great country are decent and kind people trying to do right by the world and pay it forward.  It reminds us of how uniting music is and what a wonderful elixir it will always be in our lives.  Zig and his all-volunteer crew put this wonderful gathering together simply for love of music, creating opportunities for others like us the joy of making it, listening to it, experiencing it.  We were blessed to be invited and I can assure you we will be back, either as a participant or a fan or both.    We live for opportunities like the Albino Skunk Festival, because without the hard work and generosity of guys like Zig and his crew, we couldn’t share our chosen passion of  playing, writing, singing, and performing music.   God bless this country and it’s people, and God bless all those involved with this event.  The Albino Skunk Festival is all good that is good in this country and we were grateful to have been a part of it.


PS- Upon returning to our campsite on Saturday night, we received this message from a new fan.  This is what makes it all worthwhile…

Hey guys,
I live 1/4 mile down the road from the Skunk Festival. I was in the back yard and heard your rendition of Cheap Tricks’ ” I want you to Want Me”. I Told my 7 year old to come here this. He said he wanted to see who it was ( he is a Cheap Trick fan) . We walked over and saw your bus, caught the last couple of songs and
Had some good daddy/ son time. He now wants a mandolin. Thanks for Planting the seed. You guys were awesome. We are now fans of Deja Bluegrass Band.

Eric and O’Keefe Thompson


3 Words: Albino. Skunk. Festival.

March 27, 2013

Back in the single days in our crappy little apartment, my roomie Bruce and I made up our own little  ‘game’ of stringing three non-sensical words together to make a phrase.  The more incongruous the better:   Burlap category knob… Whispering shit pencil…gelatin ligament stink…you get the idea.  You then had to use it in a sentence.   Guess you had to be there. Made sense to us at the time. Lotta beer involved in a game like that.  We played it almost nightly.  Couldn’t seem to get anyone else as interested in our game as we were.  Hmmph.

Looks like some kindred spirits in Greer, South Cackalacky musta been eaves dropping on our game.  They came up with the Albino Skunk Festival.  Three incongruous words that don’t go together.  Lemme see if I can use it in a sentence….”The DejaBlue Grass Band will play the Albino Skunk Festival in Greer, SC.”    And we will do it Saturday, April 13th at 6:45.

Word is that someone at one point thought they saw an albino skunk on the property, but I think they musta been playing our game.   Our kinda peeps.  We never made a festival out of our idea, but these boys did, and that’s just as fine as it can be.

Camping, jamming, dancing, hanging with a KILLER selection of bands .  including Col. Bruce Hampton, Lake Street Dive, and Scott Miller among others.  What’s not to like?  You should join us.  Get there early.  We’re heading up Friday afternoon to stake out a spot and get settled.  You’ll see us fireside with a cold beer in one hand and an instrument in the other.  Come Join us!


P.S. Check this out from one of the Albino Skunk Fest bands,  Lake Street Dive….Three Words:  Serious. Music. Love!

Lake Street Dive “I Want You Back”

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